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Latest Qualifiers

The Snooker season has kicked off, and I’m excited to have qualified for the first few big competitions. Starting with the Riga Masters in Latvia, the Indian Open in Hyderbad & the World Open in Beijing, China.

I’m still going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and putting in hours of Snooker practice, so hopefully this will reflect in my results!

4 thoughts on “Latest Qualifiers

  1. Hello Matthew, your game looked very strong at the UK championship. Keep it up and best of luck at the Scottish open!

  2. Hello Matthew, Matyas here. I hope all is fine with you. Im your fan since I think 2003 or 2004 and I am always looking forward to your matches. I remember in 2005 my parents sent me to bed during your final against Murphy. Haha, I was so angry back then. I saw your match against Ken Doherty few days back and it made me wonder. Sometimes it seems that you do not care too much about the mistakes you make. I thought you should have won that game easily, but it just seems you are not hungry for it. You can play extremely well, pot everything in sight, but there is always a small positional error in almost every frame you play. I really hope you can polish the game just a bit, Because I see so much potential still in your game and it really frustrates me to see you sometimes just throw the games away against players that you are clearly better than. You are an amazing player and a potting mashine. I sincerely wish you all the best and looking forward to seeing you soon on the TV. All the best, Matyas

    1. Hi Matyas, thanks for the message and the support. There are so many tournaments now, it is difficult to be at the top of your game every week. But I am still doing the practice and want to win every game I play. Hopefully I can get back to top form for the World Championship soon.

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